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Dr. Woodard is an Author, Motivational Speaker, International, and National Consultant/Trainer.  He is a Certified Gentle Teacher, Mentor
Coach/Instructor for Steps To Success, Instructor for the Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviors, and Facilitator for I Am Moving, I am
Learning, (IMIL: An initiative to combat childhood obesity) and National Trainer for Time-To-Teach.

He has over 25 years of experience working with various agencies that include Head Start, Department of Disabilities & Special Needs, N.C.
Department of Corrections and the Region IV T/A Network.  He has conducted workshops at Local, National, and International conferences.

Dr. Woodard has assisted businesses and organizations in
developing effective, realistic, and practical solutions to problems as well as mentoring programs that aid in improving the morale, production, and
retention rate of employees.

As a Motivational Speaker, he presents ideas/strategies that aid in stress management, self-empowerment, and self-motivation; thereby, empowering
one to be effective in accomplishing professional and personal goals.
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