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Family Engagement FCP/FSW (Family Community Partnerships and Effective Case Management)
This workshop familiarizes participants with PFCE Framework, Family Engagement & Partnership, Approach to School Readiness, and Supporting
Families through a Strength Based Case Management Model, Integrative Approaches for Achieving Family Goals, Effective Record Keeping Practices,
as well as Roles and Responsibilities of Family Service Workers as they relate to other Service areas.
Head Start Performance Standards & the Re-Authorization Act of 2007
(Re-Authorization Act and Its Implications for Program Governance)
This workshop provides the Participants with the Appropriate Knowledge/Information to Ensure Understanding of Head Start Regulations and to
Facilitate Effective Participation in Program Governance.
Ongoing Monitoring (Making It Effective)
This workshop presents A Discussion of Strategies and Tools that makes for Robust Ongoing Monitoring
Self-Assessment (Your Foundation for Building Program Excellence)
Participants will be presented with information that shows Self-Assessment as a Key Management System that supports Program Improvement and
TA Planning
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