ERSEA (The ERSEA Link to Management Systems/Services)
This workshop Explores the Head Start Management Systems, addresses changes and challenges within the Community and their impact on ERSEA
Community Assessment (The key Ingredients of Community Assessment)
This workshop Provides an Overview of the Five Steps to the Draft Community Assessment: A Workbook for Head Start and Early Head Start Programs
Self-Assessment (Your Foundation for Building Program Excellence)
Participants will be presented with information that shows Self-Assessment as a Key Management System that supports Program Improvement and TA Planning
Triennial Preparations (How To Have A Stress Free Monitoring Review)
This workshop presents to participants Factors Guiding OHS’ Approach Triennial Reviews
Ongoing Monitoring (Making It Effective)
This workshop presents A Discussion of Strategies and Tools that makes for Robust Ongoing Monitoring
Mentor-Coaches in Head Start and Early Head Start)
This dynamic 3-Day workshop demonstrates that Mentor-Coaching works because it Improves Teacher Retention/reduces isolation, is Cost effective, Teachers become
more Proficient sooner, and it Strengthens Classroom Practices.
Emergency Preparedness (Ready To Respond)
Participants will be presented information to assist staff in responding to emergency situations, to use with family members concerning emergency planning, and provide a
basis for restoration of services.   (Click Link to More Workshops)

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