How Do Preschool Programs Support School Readiness
This workshop presents Head Start’s Approach to School Readiness. This Approach Encompasses Three Major Frameworks that Promote an
Understanding of school Readiness for Parents and Families, Infants/Toddlers, and Preschoolers.

RTI (Understanding Response To Intervention)
This workshop presents information that demonstrates how Response to Intervention Integrates Assessment and Intervention within a Multi-level
Prevention System to Maximize Student Achievement and to Reduce Behavior Challenges.

Inclusion (Setting the Stage for Inclusion in the Classroom)
This workshop provides information and strategies to ensure that Children with special needs are included in the ongoing, daily, schedules and
activities of their early education and child care programs, form good relationships with caregivers and other children in the classrooms and receive
the specialized supports and services they require in the classroom whenever possible.

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