Head Start Training Workshop

Intent & Spirit of Head Start:

A Holistic & School Readiness Approach

This workshop informs participants about Head Start's approach to family service, school readiness, child development, and early teaming framework.

Home Based Option

This capacity building workshop empowers participants by describing the Home Based Program Option for EHS, examining the revised Head Start Program Performance Standards, summarizing the Federal Regulations for the Head Start Home-Based Program Option, discussing the purpose of Socializations, and Home Visitor Duties and Responsibilities.

Building A Man to Be the Man:

Promoting Male Involvement

This workshop presents information relative to Responsible Fatherhood, Fathers in Head Start, Reasons Why Children Need Active Fathers, Fathers Make a Difference, and .1th, Blocks for Father Involvement

Documentation and Family Services

This capacity building workshop illustrates how participants can maintain effective record Keeping practices, utilizes a single point of contact, and integrate services, link supportive networks and track services provided to children and families of Head Start/Early Head Start

Family Engagement FCP/FSW

(Family Community Partnerships and Effective Case Management)

This workshop familiarizes participants with PFCE Framework, Family Engagement & Partnership, Approach to School Readiness, and Supporting Families through a Strength-Based Case Management Model, Integrative Approaches for Achieving Family Goals, Effective Record Keeping Practices, as well as Roles and Responsibilities of Family Service Workers as they relate to other Service areas.

Head Start Performance Standards & the Re-Authorization Act of 2007 (Re-Authorization Act and Its Implications for Program Governance)

This workshop provides the Participants with the Appropriate Knowledge/Information to Ensure Understanding of Head Start Regulations and to Facilitate Effective Participation in Program Governance.

Self-Assessment (Your Foundation for Building Program Excellence)

Participants will be presented with information that shows Self-Assessment as a Key Management System that supports Program Improvement and TA Planning

ERSEA (The ERSEA Link to Management Systems/Services)

This workshop Explores the

Head Start Management

Systems, addresses changes and challenges within the Community and their impact on ERSEA

Ongoing Monitoring (Making It Effective)

This workshop presents A Discussion of Strategies and Tools that makes for Robust Ongoing Monitoring

The Ten Percent Mandate

This capacity building workshop focuses on building and maintaining the mandated 10% of children with Special Needs enrollment Areas included but not necessarily limited too: Accessibility, Collaboration, Recruitment, Enrollment, and the Disability Services Plan.

Community Assessment (The key Ingredients of Community Assessment)

This workshop Provides an Overview of the Five Steps to the Draft Community Assessment: A Workbook for Head Start and Early Head Start Programs

Mentor-Coaches in Head Start and Early Head Start

This dynamic 3-Day workshop demonstrates that Mentor-Coaching works because it Improves Teacher Retention/reduces isolation, is Cost effective, Teachers become more Proficient sooner, and it Strengthens Classroom Practices.

Preparing for a Stress – Free OHS Monitoring Review

This capacity building workshop provides participants with information that will help them adequately prepare for a Federal Review

Robust Ongoing Monitoring: A Discussion of Strategies and Tools

This capacity building workshop, defines ongoing monitoring in Head Start, reviews a process for developing a monitoring system to measure progress, and explores possible tools, strategies, and plan for ongoing monitoring

Mock Review

A Comprehensive Review of Overall Program Based on Most Recent OHS Monitoring Instruments.

Expulsion/Suspension in Head Start

This workshop presents the Office of Head Start’s Policy Statement relating to the Suspension/Expulsion of Head Start Children, emphasizing possible the impacts on children.

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