Agency's  Operations

It is important for an agency to have a clear Vision and Mission regarding Service Delivery.  The Policies and Procedures are the Foundation that
provides a clear and comprehensive pathway as to how Services are delivered.  Fiscal Management must be sound with the necessary checks and
balances to ensure accountability and purpose.

Seed Consultation Services, LLC offers Training and Comprehensive Technical Assistance for New and/or Established Agencies/Corporations.  The
Training and Technical Assistance are designed to Assess, Analyze, Correct, Eliminate and/or Prevent Noncompliances and Deficiencies.

A comprehensive Assessment of the Agency's operation will be conducted.  In addition, a review of the Policies and Procedures, Record-Keeping and
Reporting, Monitoring and Fiscal Management Systems will be completed.  Where necessary, Revisions/Corrections will be made.  New programs will
receive Technical Assistance to aid them in the development of the Management Systems.

Training will be provided to all staff to ensure complete understanding and competency regarding the implementation and review of the necessary
Policies and Procedures.

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