Reasons Why Seed Consultation Is the Best for

Corporation Services

Seed Consultation Services holds a number of workshops for Corporations that helps in enhancing internal structure and operations, monitoring systems and operational effectiveness, providing quality services and improving customer satisfaction.

Our Risk Management workshop offers Training and Comprehensive Technical Assistance for New and/or Established Agencies and Corporations. The Training and Technical Assistance are designed to utilize tools that identify existing potential risk factors, systems-to-systems, services risks and suggest potential resolutions. While in our Emergency Preparedness workshop Participants will be presented information to assist staff in responding to emergency situations.

In our Ongoing Monitoring workshop, we present A Discussion of Strategies and Tools that makes for Robust Ongoing Monitoring. Meanwhile, our Management Systems and Procedures workshop is a capacity building workshop that provides information that aid participants in establishing dynamic and cohesive management systems. Finally, in our Self-Assessment workshop, participants are presented with information that shows Self-Assessment is Key to identifying gaps in services and program operations.

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