Human Resources Training Workshop

  • Harmony in the Workplace (A Personal Responsibility)

In this training, participants are taught via self-talk how to maintain self-control, communicate, be empathetic and assertive, instill mutual acts of sharing and giving, and bring about peace in the midst turmoil.

  • Diversity in the Workplace (Multicultural Environments & Practices)

This training challenges participants to examine Attitudes and Behaviors Around Diversity & Acceptance, Like Treatment of Others and Explore Strategies for Reaching Cultural Competence

  • Team-Building & Relationships

This training answers the question Why Be Part of a Team and Presents Factors that Influence Team Motivation

  • Preventing and Managing Aggressive Behaviors

Training demonstrates how to Effectively Reduce Unnecessary Use of Force and Improve Client Satisfaction

  • Leadership Skills for Managerial Success

This training Enables participants to Assess Leadership Style, Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, and When to Apply the Most Effective Approach.



CRead it, Receive it, Believe it, and Be Empowered. Self-Talk takes a realistic look at how personal and individual feelings are formed. In fact, monitoring and changing your "self-talk" is the key to self-control. .

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