Gentle Teaching(GT) is a Positive/Nonaversive approach to working with others.  It empowers caregivers to develop positive, interactive, and
mutually respected relationships with those within their care.  A positive side effect of GT is an increase in the quality and quantity of participatory
and interactive experiences.  In addition, there is a significant decrease in the display of challenging behaviors and stress is reduced within the

Gentle Teaching  Enhances Socio-Emotional Development And is an Effective Application of CLASS Dimensions.  In High-Quality Teacher-Child
Relationships, Gentle Teachers respond to children’s Needs Appropriately and in a Timely Manner.  Teachers are GENTLE and take Frequent
Opportunities to Interact Face-to-Face with Children.
This supports CLASS, which is based on the Belief that the Quality of Interactions in a Classroom is the most Important Contributors to Child
Development and Learning.

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